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Our Mission

Munoa Juicery´s mission is to help you incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet in a delicious and hassle-free way. We have done all the choosing, chopping and cleaning, so you don’t have to.

We have selected the highest quality fruits and vegetables from Colombia, juiced them to extract its nutrients in a nice easy-to-digest-and-absorb way, and carefully removed the water with really low temperatures in less than a second, to obtain that perfect juice powder that not only keeps its color and flavor, but also its functionality. 

Meet the Squad

Welcome to a world of nutrition! Meet our absolute best friends, all of our juices are made with natural ingredients and have no added sugars.

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Miami based

In an attempt to increase the consumption of vital nutrients despite her lifelong dislike for vegetables and salads, its founder learnt everything about juicing as she found it was the easiest and most enjoyable way to eat more veggies. After just a couple of months she found herself drinking less and less of these “juices of life” her busy schedule highlighted how time consuming, inconvenient, and overall annoying it was to buy, wash, chop, blend, wash and repeat.

Wishing for a simple solution to this problem, she decided it would be her life mission to bring the most perfect “cold pressed juice” powder to life, one that would have a balance in between nutrients and flavor, one that would be enjoyable, yet nourishing, yet delicious, just like the ones she would make at home. Ever since, she has been putting all her energy into Munoa Juicery, to help many who like her, have trouble eating their veggies.

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