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Drink your corals

Red apple

Promotes natural beauty! The nutrients present in apples benefit the skin greatly by acting as a natural and wonderful toner. It helps tighten the skin overall and improve the circulation of blood and get it to the surface to make the skin better.

Cayenne pepper

Boost your metabolism with its capsaicin component! Stay in shape, it can reduce the production of hunger hormone ghrelin. Stay healthy, Cayenne can help lower blood pressure and reduce cancer risk. Improve your skin, rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and several antioxidants which increase skin health.


Packed with essential nutrients! Numerous health benefits including lower blood pressure, Improved blood flow, and enhanced exercise performance. Powerful antioxidant properties!


Loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene, which can lower Diabetes risk! Boost your immune system with its vitamin C properties! Strengthen your bones with its Calcium and vitamin K components which are important for bone health!

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